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Tips for Wearing Rings on Both Hands

When you wear a ring on a finger, you will speak different meanings, depending on the finger. Therefore, you can create many styles and effects of wearing a ring. For that reason, you will learn more on some of the ways you can wear your ring here in this website.

You can wear the ring on left and the right hand. According to the Western traditions, one should wear an engagement ring on the left hand. Not all cultures respect this tradition. For example, according to the Greek culture, one would wear the ring on the right hand. According to the Western tradition, the right hand is used to perform many tasks and activities. Manual dexterity is performed by the use of the right hand, according to these people. The emotions and beliefs will be then associated with the opposite hand, the left hand. Since some people are left-handed, they will not be affected by this culture. There are those people that are involved in physical activities, and you will be advised to wear to precious ring on the hand that you do not use most of the time. When you are going for s camping trip, you will find the big statement ring an irrelevant accessory, but it will be a good ring to wear to a dinner date.

It will also be fun and cheerful when you can wear the ring on the little finger. The dainty pinky will be best suited for by the wideband ring. A balancing punky ring will be a good choice on the right hand, when you can balance it with a wedding band on the left.

You can as well decide to wear your ring on the middle finger. The largest finger on the hand is the middle finger. You may sometimes damage the ring that you wear on such a finger. For that reason, you will find the slim band a good choice for the middle finger.

The ring finger is also one that is commonly used to wear the wedding and engagement rings. This finger is also known as the third finger and depending on your culture, this finger will speak your marital status. The same finger, the third finer, is where some people would prefer to wear both their wedding and engagement rings. However, you will find some people putting the wedding band on the third finger, then the engagement ring on the next finger. When you want to have a more impact, you can decide to wear the eternity ring, together with the engagement and the wedding ring.

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